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Easy ways to help the environment without skimping on holiday fun

Ventura County, Nov. 16, 2015 – From gobbling down turkey to bathing the mashed potatoes in gravy, we all have our Thanksgiving traditions we. As you’re preparing for the big evening around the table or finalizing travel plans, why not introduce some new traditions that show how grateful you are for the beautiful community we live in.

Eat local and organic. It’s hard to beat fruits and vegetables from Ventura County farmers. And buying from them also minimizes our carbon footprint and fossil fuels used for shipping, as well as supports these local businesses.

Reduce waste. Opt for tap water instead of bottled water, which contributes to huge amounts of plastic waste every year. Rather than using plastic wrap or tinfoil to store those leftovers, reach for some reusable food containers.

Be smart in the kitchen. Thanksgiving day can get busy, but the real action happens in the kitchen. Cook as a family and share the experience! Keep burner pans clean so the reflective shine reflects heat up to the cookware. Heat is absorbed when burner pans are blackened and dirty, reducing efficiency. Also, make sure refrigerators are properly sealing when closed to avoid leaking conditioned air and increase efficiency and food safety.

Green décor. Use fall leaves for a festive touch around the house or light candles that are made from soy or beeswax which is more sustainable than paraffin or petroleum.

Buddy up. If you’re travelling for the holidays, reduce your carbon footprint and carpool with friends or family.

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