Energy Upgrade California™ is a state initiative to help Californians take action to save energy and conserve natural resources. The program provides tips for businesses on how to save energy and water.
The GBP offers incentives and assistance to encourage businesses to implement voluntary actions to protect, preserve, and improve the environment beyond what current laws require. Businesses meeting these criteria can be certified as green businesses and are listed on an online directory.
This program provides access to leaders in sustainability that coach small and mid-sized business customers to help them improve profitability, operational efficiency and employee/community engagement by adopting comprehensive sustainability practices.

Benchmarking helps increase the energy efficiency and reduce operating costs of commercial buildings.  Building owners may also be required to disclose their building’s energy performance benchmark rating before it can be sold, leased or refinanced.   The utilities provide online and in-person  training on how to benchmark a building.

Southern California Edison


Certain energy efficiency and solar improvements can qualify for federal tax credits up to 30%. 
The County’s Planning and Development Department offers free technical advice from local experts and time and money saving incentives such as reduced plan check fees for applicants who incorporate energy efficiency into their developments.