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Our participating contractors have the tools and training to make your home more efficient and are uniquely qualified to conduct residential energy improvements. To qualify for emPower financing, you must use one of these contractors.  If you’d like to work with another contractor, we are happy to help them become qualified. 

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Home Performance Contractors

These contractors have received training in "building science" and are certified by the Building Performance Institute. They address the systems in your home collectively to maximize energy savings, health, safety, and comfort.  They are qualified to help you with an eligible Home Upgrade or Advanced Home Upgrade project.

Home PerformanceContractors

SimpleStart Contractors

SimpleStart Contractors are qualified to help you access utility incentives and emPower financing for one or more qualified SimpleStart upgrades that are eligible for single measure utility rebates. 


Solar Water Heater Contractors

These contractors can help you use the sun’s warmth to help your current water heater use less energy through solar water heating technology. These contractors are qualified to help you with an eligible Solar Water Heater Upgrade.

Solar Water HeaterContractors

Solar Electric Contractors

You may want to consider adding a solar electric system to your energy efficiency project. These contractors are qualified to help you with an eligible Solar Electric System project.  Note: To qualify for emPower financing a solar electric system must be combined with one of the other eligible projects to meet efficiency requirements.

Solar ElectricContractors