As our go-to spot to socialize, entertain and relax, the living room is a natural place to start when it’s time for a home remodel. But you can do a lot more than upping the size of your TV or springing for a bouncier sofa. In fact, there are a number of energy efficiency upgrades that will help make the center of your home the perfect retreat from summer heat.

While a new coffee table would make a great place to put your feet up at the end of the day, consider some of these options to really transform your space.

No More Window “Pains”/Seal the Deal. When transitioning to the warmer months, you’ll want to make sure your windows are in good shape. Broken glass and frames allow air to come and go as it pleases, wasting money and energy. Weather stripping your windows (as well as exterior doors) will also help keep your interior air where you want it.

Breathing Room/Clear the Air. Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate air and cool down your living space. Just remember there’s no point in leaving it on while you’re out of the room – in fact, the running motor will create heat if left running.

Lighten Up Your Electric Bill (with LEDs). LED bulbs provide better lighting in your home, while also saving money on your electric bill. This newer technology is 80% more efficient than traditional lighting and can last up to decade!  If you have recessed or can lighting, an LED retrofit kit can help create a tight seal, keeping treated air from slipping into the attic. Installing a dimmer is a good choice to avoid using full energy every time the lights are on.

Take Back the Power. That mess of wires from the TV, stereos, and video game consoles are strangling your electric bill. All of those devices are sucking in energy, even while in sleep mode or flipped off. Plug them into a power strip and flip it off when not in use to stop the drain. And place the power strip where it’s easily accessible -- it’s of no use hidden behind the TV.

Whatever changes you have in mind for your living room, remember that whichever room is next on your list -- bedroom, bath, kitchen or even garage -- we’d love to help!