As our go-to spot to socialize, entertain and relax, the living room is a natural place to start when it’s time for a home remodel. But you can do a lot more than upping the size of your TV or springing for a bouncier sofa. In fact, there are a number of energy efficiency upgrades that will help make the center of your home the perfect retreat from summer heat.

While a new coffee table would make a great place to put your feet up at the end of the day, consider some of these options to really transform your space.

Whether carving a turkey or decorating cookies, holiday gatherings tend to center around the kitchen. But if the counter tilework looks like it has fond memories of the ‘70s, you may not have time to do the major overhaul you’ve been dreaming of before mom and dad show up with the eggnog. But there are still a number of projects you can take care of now and others to save for later that’ll make your cooking space more energy efficient, comfortable and safe.

Are you getting to the breaking point being greeted day after day by the sound of squeaky, leaky bathroom faucets or the sight of mismatched floor tiles? Is your Pinterest already brimming with pictures of your dream bath? While improving your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal may be your top goal, you’ll be happy to know that a remodel also brings the opportunity to save money, water and energy, all while creating a healthier home.

There are few better feelings than jumping into bed and burrowing into the blankets at the end of a long day. Our bedrooms are special spaces where we can relax and renew. A new coat of paint or curtains from time to time keeps the look fresh, but when you’re ready for bigger changes, it’s a great time to focus on some of the things you may not be able to see. There are home energy efficiency issues that could be keeping you from that rest and relaxation you need – and taking a toll on the environment, indoors and out!