50 Home Challenge – Solvang!

**Want to get involved? Our brochure provides a good overview of the Challenge. We hold weekly events and have opportunities that suit various skills and levels of involvement. Volunteers may assist with community outreach, host events, and participate in neighborhood committees. Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form and we'll be in touch soon!**

Welcome to the 50 Home Challenge – Solvang!

The 50 Home Challenge is a joint initiative between CHERP and the emPower program to engage an entire community and retrofit 50 single-family homes to make them more comfortable and energy efficient.

If you’re ready for a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home, and want to be part of improving your community, you’re in the right place. These resources are only available for a limited time so help your home and your community and act now!

What does it take to participate?

  • Contact Us – You made it to our website: Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your home and community!

  • Request a FREE Energy Coach Assessment – our trained Energy Coach will conduct a walk-thru site assessment and provide you with a full report.

  • Choose Your Upgrade and Conduct Retrofit – the contractor will help you choose an upgrade package and apply for utility incentives and financing.

  • Receive Funds and Enjoy the Benefits of your Upgraded Home – receive your rebate check, close your loan, and enjoy reduced energy use and a more comfortable home.

To get started today, fill out the form below, and a Specialist will be in touch shortly.