Solar Water Heating Upgrade

Increased incentives and financing are now available

Solar Water Heating (SWH) uses the sun’s warmth to help your current water heater use less energy.  The statewide CSI-Thermal Program offers cash rebates of up to $4,366 for solar water heating systems on single-family homes. There is also a 30% tax credit available from the federal government.   SWH Projects enrolled with the CSI-Thermal Program may be eligible for financing through emPowerSBC. Projects eligible for emPower financing must:

1. Be enrolled in the CSI-Thermal Program
2. Reduce whole house energy use by at least 10%
3. Receive a pre-approval letter from emPowerSBC

To find out whether solar water heating is right for your home check with one of emPower's participating contractors to find out more.  Contractors who specialize in solar water heating installation include: Solarponics, The Solar Energy Company and Allen Associates. Note: Solar Water Heating systems installed on homes older than 45 years may be subject to historic preservation restrictions and review.