Upgrade Support Professional Service

Some contractors may need assistance getting started with the Energy Upgrade California ® Home Upgrade and emPower Central Coast programs because they don't have the certifications necessary to participate or experience with energy modeling or testing.

To remove these barriers to successful participation, emPower is developing a pool of “Upgrade Support Professionals” comprised of building specialists that contractors can utilize for Energy Upgrade California ® Home Upgrade and emPower project support related to energy modeling, testing and project submission.   

Raters can Participate in the Upgrade Support Professional Pool if they Meet the Following Qualifications:

  • HERS II Whole House Rater on staff
  • BPI Building Analyst on staff
  • Experience conducting testing and energy modeling for Home Upgrade projects
  • Submit the Upgrade Support Professional application

To help new contractors ramp up their energy efficiency business, emPower will temporarily offset the cost of the Upgrade Support Professional’s services. There is a $5,625 maximum per emPower participating contractor, a $500 maximum per Home Upgrade project and $1,125 maximum per Advanced Home Upgrade project.

Contractors Can Qualify for Upgrade Support Professional Services if they Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Home Upgrade and emPower Participating Contractor
  • Completed and reported fewer than five (5) Energy Upgrade California ® Home Upgrade jobs through the emPower program
  • Work with an Upgrade Support Specialist from the emPower approved list

For more information and an application, contact Ashley Watkins at 805-568-3514 or awatkins@co.santa-barbara.ca.us