Case Studies

Meet our Energy Champions!


Sager Family

As longtime renters, Jordan and Jessica Sager were excited to purchase their very first home. Given that Jordan works for UCSB on energy efficiency and sustainability projects, they knew that they wanted to get a Home Energy Assessment to get an understanding of its efficiency.

The Sagers chose to work with emPower participating contractor Allen Energy. “After conducting the assessment, Allen Energy gave us a lot of options to choose from, providing us the flexibility to do the project we wanted,” said more


Johnson Family

Charlie and Paula Johnson were thinking about installing solar to address high energy bills when they met Allen Energy at a local home show.  “Originally we wanted to do solar only.  Our electric bills were really high and we want to lower our overhead since we are both retired” said Paula. 

However, after meeting with Allen Energy they became interested in not just an efficient home but also a healthy and comfortable one.  “We did a 180 degree switch after having a home energy assessment. Our daughter and granddaughter live with us. We had to make our house healthier before we could worry about reducing our electricity bill with more 

Rosenthal Family

The Rosenthals were considering purchasing a distressed property in Solvang that was in bad shape. All the windows were single paned, there was no burner for the water heater, no insulation and the furnace was unusable.

“I loved the property but we didn’t know how we would pay to make the needed improvements. Then I attended an emPower workshop and learned about the rebates and financing. emPower made it possible  to go ahead and buy the home without having to worry about how I would pay to make repairs” said Kathy more


Kushnerov Family

The Kushnerov family’s first step to making home energy upgrades was to assess before they invested. They started out by attending a homeowner workshop hosted by the emPower program so they could gather information on available financing, incentives and meet contractors.

“We were interested in making our home more energy efficient. After getting information at the workshop and having our home energy assessment, we decided that it was a good long-term investment.The timing just made sense with the available rebates and tax credits.” said Valerie Kushnerov, the more


Davis Family

After inheriting a Santa Maria home with some deferred maintenance issues, the Davis family decided it needed some upgrades. “As part of a whole house remodel, we thought it made sense to improve on the energy efficiency of the home,” said Mike Davis, homeowner.

“Halsell assisted us with the different options that were available, and made sure that we were aware of the incentives available for upgrading the existing home to an energy efficient one” said the more

Ortega Family
The Ortega family was having serious issues with their home and spending too much valuable free time patching and repairing problems to keep things from deteriorating further.
“We loved our home but sometimes we almost felt like we wanted to run away from it because there were so many problems. We had leaky, single pane windows, a lot of air leaking through our attic and doors and the ducts from our heating and cooling system were old, dusty and not really working. The house was either freezing or boiling hot and it was also starting to smell,” said homeowner Audrey more



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