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Making energy upgrades to your home can be a confusing process, but emPower can help. Through our Energy Coach service we offer free, unbiased technical assistance.  We have three Energy Coaches on staff with years of experience in the construction and energy efficiency industries and are certified as a BPI Building Analysts, a nationally recognized certification. 
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Our knowledgeable Energy Coaches are available to talk with homeowners over the phone, or meet in person to conduct a free home energy site visit. They will identify upgrade opportunities and connect you with qualified contractors who can conduct the work.   Click on the “GET STARTED “ button to request a consultation.
DIY Tips
Get DIY tips from our Energy Coaches on some quick and easy things you can do to save reduce energy use.
“Good Energy”  Videos
Want to learn more about common home energy problems and there solutions? Watch the Good Energy videos below. They feature our Energy Coach giving advice on everything from water heaters to insulation.


Heating & Cooling
Want to learn about heating and cooling and how you can make your home more comfortable, safe and energy efficient – and save money? Watch this video and learn about air conditioners, heaters, and common problems. Also learn how to know when it’s time to replace your heating or air conditioning unit, and what to look for in a new system.
Water Heating
Watch this video to learn about water heaters, which are typically the second-largest energy use in the home. Energy Coach Jason explains how you can get the most out of your water heater with insulation and proper settings, safety measures, and ways to save energy and money  on energy bills. Ready for a new water heater? Jason has tips for finding the right one for your home.
Air Sealing
What is air sealing, and why is it important for your home? Watch this short video and find out why air sealing is one of the most effective ways to save energy (and money on utility bills) and make your home more comfortable and healthy. Many homes are leaky and drafty, as air permeates openings in walls, floors, ceilings and windows. Air sealing helps keep in warm or cool air, and keeps out dust, allergens and pollutants. Watch the video to learn more...
Energy Coach Jason explains why insulation is the key to a comfortable home, and how to determine if your insulation doing the job. Not only does your home need the right amount of insulation, with the correct R-value, it should be air sealed as well. Proper installation also makes a difference. Watch the video to learn more...
Home Energy Assessment
Energy Coach Jason walks you through a typical Home Energy Assessment, and explains how each test helps homeowners pinpoint problems that can cause energy waste, as well as health and safety issues. For example, a blower door test simulates air movement, in order to determine how much air is moving in and out of the home, and find leaks to repair. Watch and learn more...