For Homeowners

Steps to Upgrade Your Home

1. Choose Your Upgrade

             Begin by visiting the Eligible Projects page to learn more about the available upgrade 
               packages and decide if you wish to add solar photovoltaics to one of these packages. 
               Each package offers different rebates and incentives.
2. Apply for Incentives and Financing
               Apply for an Incentive. Once you have chosen a qualified, licensed contractor from our list, 
               you will work with your contractor to determine the energy efficiency upgrades you would 
               like installed and develop a scope of work. Your contractor will handle the paperwork and 
               submittal of the application for the appropriate rebate or incentive program. 
               Get Pre-Approved for Financing. If you wish to finance your upgrade with an emPower 
               Home Upgrade Loan, you will apply for a loan to get pre-approved for financing to 
               one of two lenders, based on your zip code. 
3. Install Upgrades
               Do not begin work prior to receiving authorization from the rebate program and loan pre-approval, 
               if you are financing your project with emPower. Once your contractor has completed the project, 
               they will submit required information to the appropriate rebate or incentive program to 
               make sure the work was done according to proposed specifications. Projects must be completed 
               within 60 days. 
4. Receive Funds and Enjoy the Benefits
               After the selected incentive program has signed off on the project, you will receive your incentive 
               in the mail. If you have financed your project with emPower, you will need to complete, sign, 
               and return your loan closing documents so your lender can disburse funds directly to your contractor. 
               You will also need to print out and complete the following forms: 
  • Certificate of Completion - With final contractor invoice and final approval from selected incentive program
  • Contractor Report on Project - Your contractor will fill this out for you. 
  • Utility Data Consent Form