Be My Energy Efficient Valentine


By Jennifer Cregar

Have a comfort-seeking, Earth-loving, cost-conscious sweetie you’re looking to please this Valentine’s Day? Read on for emPower Central Coast’s energy efficient ideas to help you celebrate (and save some money) this season of love:

  • Set the mood with candlelight. Switch off the lights and turn on the ambiance for a romantic meal, while saving money on your energy costs. To stretch the savings, replace traditional incandescent bulbs with more efficient CFL or LED lighting.
  • Wrap those blankets tight as you snuggle up and turn down the thermostat. Set the thermostat several degrees lower when you go to bed. Your shared body heat will keep you warm without your heater having to run through the night.
  • Nothing says romance like a toasty fire, but remember to close the damper once the fire dies down. Keeping the damper closed up tight will keep your home well sealed, trapping the lingering warmth of the fire inside.
  • Share the love with a hug. Be sure to give your sweetie plenty of hugs this month. You can wrap your home in a hug, too, by insulating pipes, attics and crawl spaces. Besides giving your home a good embrace, insulation acts like a sweater, keeping warm air in and cold air out.

Looking for more energy-saving ideas? Check out these DIY tips, or schedule a free home site visit with an expert empower Energy Coach.