What Are The Environmental Impacts of Online Shopping?


By:Frank Chen
Program Specialist

With Christmas just around the corner and the pressure mounting to find a present for your loved ones, have you ever stopped to consider the environmental impact of shopping online versus at a retail store? Research conducted by the University of California shows that though there are numerous benefits to buying consumer goods from a local retail store,  shopping online is more environmentally friendly, and can reduce your carbon footprint. However, these positive environmental effects do not apply when you select 2-day shipping. By instead opting for standard delivery you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while shopping this holiday season. Choosing standard shipping gives warehouses more time to consolidate and optimize their shipping containers.

So don’t opt for speed this season! Instead, take simple steps such as shopping early and choosing a slower delivery time.  To learn more, watch the mini-episode “The Environmental Cost of free 2-day shipping” at Vox.