For years now, Emphasis: Power has made a name for itself for helping Americans transition to equitable, clean, and affordable local energy. We comprise a team of people that work together to build energy systems with rooftop solar. We achieve this by helping the community go solar and by fighting for their energy rights.

Our Policy Priorities

Here at Emphasis: Power, our priority is to expand solar access so that everyone can go solar without breaking the bank. In coalition with our partners, our team advances clean energy policy through deep policy expertise, public engagement, and coalition building.

We inform the public about the opportunities and challenges of solar energy and how they can advocate for their rights. Ultimately, we advocate for state-level policies that will progress the transition to a 100% clean-powered future.

Our efforts are centered on 5 priorities including:

  • Community Solar
  • Rooftop Solar
  • Access & Equity
  • Grid Modernization
  • Utility-Scale Solar

Energy Justice

Emphasis: Power envisions a clean and equitable energy system that will benefit the community and give them control over their energy rights. We partner with equity organizations to lower and reverse the impacts of historical injustices that have troubled frontline communities, communities of color, and low-wealth communities.

Why Solar

Solar is the path to an equitable, 100% clean energy future. Solar comes with numerous benefits for communities in the U.S. Renewable energy addresses the issues of fossil fuel pollution that has negatively impacted humans and the environment. It is the solution to community health and Americans can now enjoy cleaner air.

Solar also helps families, especially low-income families, save a considerable amount on their energy bills. It is more affordable and accessible than electricity and people in both urban and rural areas can benefit from it. Besides, it is a source of employment for many and this helps to grow the economy.