Emphasis Power sets up workshops to support organizations and the community to advocate for the transition of a clean energy economy.

Supporting Community Power

Our workshops are aimed at providing the community with information on the current energy system and how to effectively transition to a clean energy future.  We partner with local organizations to empower the community to be advocates for the clean energy transition.

Communal Knowledge Sharing

Besides empowering the community, our workshops also double up as forums for our staff and the community to share knowledge. It provides a platform for the community members to share their energy priorities and concerns with our staff. With this knowledge, we are able to make the right decisions on our advocacy to attain a more equitable energy system.

Meeting Community Needs

We structure our workshops in a way that meets the needs of our partners. This is because we believe that our partners know best how to reach and serve their community members.

Partner With Us

Emphasis: Power is open to partner with different organizations to offer workshops that are aimed at energy policy activism. We are interested in collaborating with organizations that are passionate about enhancing energy literacy in the community through workshops.

Emphasis: Power is making conscious and deliberate steps to advance equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion. That is why we are partnering with community organizations and environmental justice groups to formulate policy solutions that will contribute to a more clean energy future. We are also committed to learning from our partners, who we believe are in a better position to serve the community.

By co-creating workshops with equity organizations, we are able to build a just and equitable energy system. We are working towards building a more inclusive energy path that will eliminate the impacts of pollution on low-wealth communities, communities of color, and frontline communities.

The length of our workshops varies and can be customized to suit the preference of our partners. Our main aim is workshop co-creating. Thus, we are open to new ideas on the structure, content, and outcome of our workshops from our partners.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every community across the U.S. gets access to a 100% clean energy future. This way, we will contribute to creating an economic opportunity and an energy system that meets the electricity needs of our nation.

Workshop Highlights:

Growing Local Solar Workshop

We were proud to host a growing local solar workshop that was aimed at educating participants on the impact of local and state policies. The workshop partnered with business, legal, and policy experts who examined the opportunities and challenges that come with solar project development.

The workshop helped us to impact the locals to go solar and stand up for clean energy transition. We look forward to doing more local solar workshops to continue the advocacy of clean energy.

NAACP Solar Energy Justice Workshops

Emphasis: Power is proud to have been part of the workshop that was hosted by the NAACP. We partnered with the NAACP to provide the participants with content on local and state energy policy, organizing tactics, and communication strategies. We also worked with the participants to establish action plans to advocate for clean energy in their communities.