How do I find out if I qualify for a loan and how much is being loaned per homeowner?

Simply complete the financial application and submit it to CoastHills Credit Union or Ventura County Credit Union for consideration.  Loans of up to $30,000 are being offered.

Where do I find out about emPower program incentives and who pays these incentives?

The rebates are being offered through local utility companies and the Energy Upgrade California program. Rebates will be paid upon completion and approval of the work in your home.  For more information visit our eligible projects page.

How do I get a home assessment to see what types of projects or upgrades my home actually needs?

A home assessment is a great place to start!  One of our Energy Coach's can provide a free walk thru site visit to give you an idea of what type of upgrades you might benefit from.  To schedule a site visit contact us at 805-568-3514.  If you want a more thorough home energy assessment please visit our contractor directory and we will connect you with a qualified contractor.

How do I find out if I qualify for this program?

That’s easy!  If you are a owner of a single family home in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo or Ventura County and have already worked with a participating contractor to enroll in an eligible energy efficiency program, simply complete the emPower Home Upgrade Loan application and submit it for consideration. If you meet our lenders’ basic underwriting criteria, you’ll be pre-approved in 24-48 hours.  Learn more about the 4 step process to complete and finance your upgrade

How do I find out how much my monthly payment will be for my home upgrade projects?

emPower has a special online payment calculator to help you estimate your monthly payments.  Just click here to access the payment calculator.

What financial institutions are offering these loans and what is the interest rate?

emPower has teamed up with two financial institutions: CoastHills Credit Union and Ventura County Credit Union.  Interest rates start at 5.90%, a desirable rate for unsecured loans, and vary based on creditworthiness. For a limited time, rates start at 3.9% in Santa Barbara County only. When you are ready to apply, you will be connected to one lender or the other, depending upon your zip code. You can also reach CoastHills Credit Union by phone at 855-774-5626, and Ventura County Credit Union at 805.477.4000 or 800.339.0496. 

I live in an incorporated City, can I still participate?

Yes, the program is open to Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura County homeowners including those living in incorporated cities of these Counties.

My credit is not very good; can I still qualify for a low interest loan to get my upgrades done through this program?

You may still qualify! emPower home upgrade loans are designed to be accessible. Please complete the application form and submit it for consideration or call our lenders for more information.

What types of home upgrades options are offered in the Home Upgrade Package?

Homeowners can earn Home Upgrade incentives by installing 3 or more measures from a flexible menu of options that will earn you points towards incentives and rebates.  The more points, the higher the incentives.  Your rebates and incentives depend on the total points you earn—up to $2,500 for 250 points.  Eligible meaures includes duct sealing or replacement, air sealing, attic, wall, floor or duct insulation, energy efficient windows and furnace or water heater replacements. You may also add solar to this package.

What types of home upgrade options are offered in the Advanced Home Upgrade Package?

The Advanced Home Upgrade Package offers up to $5,500 in energy efficiency incentives..  It includes work such as replacement of your heating and/or cooling system, whole house air sealing, attic insulation, new ducts, energy efficient windows, some lighting and more.  You may also add solar to this package.