Solar Customers in Kansas Will Get Refunds

The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) held its regular business meeting on April 8, 2021. During the meeting, the corporation voted unanimously requiring Evergy to give refund to solar customers.

According to the order, the commission reviewed the legal authority that was mentioned by the Solar Group and was convinced that the solar customers are entitled to the refunds. The commission requires Evergy to give refunds to the DG solar customers after the company placed them on the Distributed Generation Residential Standard rate. This was based on what the customers would have paid on the Residential Standard rate.

The chairman of the commission, French said that it was important to consider new ways to address the issue. He went on to say that other states have considered the value of Solar Studies and this approach has worked well since it does not assume an outcome.

Commissioner Susan Duffy also echoed the same sentiments saying that she hoped the parties would use this time to consider more modern ways to tackle the issue. Based on the order, it was clear that the commission requires the stakeholders to come together and look for a holistic approach to move forward.

Solar advocates also requested to allow solar users to choose any Residential Standard rate. Following this, Evergy agreed to the request to allow solar customers to choose any rate.

However, the company made an exemption of the Time of Use (TOU) pilot saying that there would be difficulty with the rate and the net metering. The Kansas Corporation Commission approved their offer.

The Commission also made remarks regarding the Petition for Reconsideration and Clarification by Electric Companies. The Commission said that only an added service like exporting would be justified for an added fee like the proposed grid access charge. This, therefore, means that Evergy will not charge their solar customers discriminatory charges moving forward.

Apart from the Evergy Central customers, we also believe that the demand charges should also be removed for their other Kansa customers. Emphasis: Power is committed to working with the commission to ensure solar power is made accessible in Kansas.